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Salesforce Custom Connectors

Salesforce custom connectors/ integration for your business

A connector enriches users' experience by extending use cases and data between systems. Providing connectors/adapters for and other popular CRM solutions is a must for product organizations.

Since we started as a product organization, we understand the importance of the native salesforce adapters/salesforce connectors when it comes down to drive user adoption for a product. Building an adapter is very much like building a product which will have a lifecycle of own.

Our Salesforce connector services include:

Salesforce connector requirements and design

Most product companies don't have insights into the salesforce user experience and salesforce technical details. They need hand holding on when it comes down defining the requirements and design for the salesforce connectors. As part of requirements discovery and design services we work with the client product manager and technical architect to flesh out the following details:

  • use cases
  • user interaction models/flows
  • component models
  • sequence diagrams
  • data models

Salesforce connector development

Using our distributed agile development (DAD)methodology we deliver most salesforce connectors within 4 to 8 weeks. As part of our deliverables, we provide the following:

  • sprint based delivery plan
  • 0 bug delivery
  • unit tests
  • user manual
  • product documentation
  • post delivery warranty
  • salesforce App Exchange Launch support

User support

We offer dedicated 24*7 level 1, 2 and 3 user support for salesforce connectors from our Noida center. All support requests are managed through a service portal and each type of request is bound to a SLA.

Case Study: Salesforce Connector/Adapter for a SaaS product

The Background

The client is a provider of the learning management solutions. Their product is a SaaS solution that is used by their client for internal users and external users. Most clients use Salseforce so a seamless integration with Salesforce will help their clients maintain user and accounts, and use their LMS system from within Salesforce.

The Challenge

Integrate LMS system with Salesforce so the LMS users and Accounts are in sync with Salesforce Users and Accounts of the clients that use LMS system. Moreover, a salesforce user should be able to invoke the LMS system as a canvas application so the users don’t have leave Salesforce sysem.

Our Solution

Our functional consultant and architect helped the client flesh out the adapter requirements and developed detailed design so the client product and user experience team can approve the technical design and user interaction models beforehand. We built sync options using bulk APIs with custom business logic. For Canvas app we built SSO solution to open LMS from Salesforce and community portal.

The Results

  • Configurable sync process for Users and Accounts that syncs the LMS system with Salesforce multiple times each day
  • Seamless user experience as all Salesforce user can access LMS from within Salesforce and from community portal.

    Why Us?

  • Experienced: Over the last eleven years we have efficiently managed over 300 solution engagements while transforming businesses through better analytics, organizational process changes, and cloud CRM solutions.
  • Consistent: Our Salesforce Certified professionals are trusted and recommended by our clients. Over 80% of our business comes from our existing customers.
  • Creative: We challenge our own thinking and come up with creative solutions that meet our customers' requirements.
  • Adaptable: We understand that each company has its unique needs and constraints. So we provide flexible options to structure their working engagement with us.
  • Affordable: We combine onshore-offshore delivery to reduce delivery costs to let our clients enjoy quality without the overhead and bureaucracy of larger consulting companies.


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